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With the world of Eris facing extinction at the hand of an unstoppable plague, King Gulbrand sends his Soul Reader, Farren to deliver messages to the kingdoms of the world in hopes of a last resort option to snuff out the disease.

After the long journey, Farren’s trek back is met by apocalyptic obstacles as the heavens fall dark and oceans dry up.

A trip that should have only took a few days, turns into a year.

On the brink of collapse, Farren finally arrives at his home kingdom of Nixis, to discover that death and ruin has befallen the world in his absence.

Was his messages too late?  Or was something much more evil at hand?


Fight back against your own Order and the forces of a long forgotten realm as you try to save the world from the evil of a king in pursuit of what lies beyond immorality in the Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris.

A first-person medieval survival-horror video game set in a dark fantasy world being developed by TeamKill Media, coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.



(E3 2018)